How to Fix Disk Error with Manual Commands on Windows 10?

Even though Windows 10 offers numerous handy features and functions, it is still prone to some issues. One such issue is the error code “Windows detected a hard disk problem.” If the user is facing the same, then they can fix it easily with our guidance. So, here are the steps to fix disk error with manual commands on Windows 10.

Use Startup Repair
If you want to fix disk error with manual command using startup repair, then pursue the instruction given below. First of all, you have to insert the bootable USB into the system.After that, you should open the system by holding the power key.Don’t forget to hold the Boot menu option button instantly the PC starts.Normally, you should be able to access the Boot Menu by holding F12 on the keyboard.On the other hand, the button varies. So, the best way that you check with the motherboard manual.You should select a bootable USB drive by holding up and down buttons on the keyboard.After selecting the bootable USB drive, press the Enter key.If yo…

Bond 25: No Time To Die Trailer Complete Breakdown

The promise that Bond will back has finally been fulfilled as the trailer of the upcoming film No Time to Die has been released. The film have been hyped as it will feature Daniel Craig one last time as Bond. James Bond series has retained Daniel four times before, and there were a lot of rumors that stated that Daniel would not be featured as Bond anymore.

The trailer has ensured the fans that Bond’s action level is reaching greater heights and the cameos of beautiful Martin cars will be retained as well. However, No Time to Die also obtained another eye-catching title of 25, meaning that it is the 25th film of the series. Below we have gathered all the specific information of the story that this new bond film will feature.
Replacement For 007
One of the Glimpse from the trailer stated that Lashana Lynch is an MI6 agent and has worked for them for two years.  Several news and rumors stated that she will be the new 007 and will replace Mr. Bond; however, that would have burned series’…

How to Fix Steam’s Preparing to Launch Error?

Steam is one of the most well-recognized and used gaming platforms around the globe, and reasonably so. Even though the platform is aptly optimized, you can face an error stating “Preparing to launch.” If you are facing the same, then read through the blog to fix it immediately. So, here are the instructions to fix Steam’s preparing to launch error.

Verify Game Cache First of all, you have to launch Steam on your system.After that, go to the Library and launch the game collection.You should select the game in which you have an issue and right-click on it.Navigate to the Properties option.You have to choose the Local files button.Now, beneath the Local files button, select Verify integrity game of files option.Clean Booting Windows 10
If you want to clean booting Windows 10, then you can follow the provided steps. Get started by pressing Win + R keys at once on the keyboard to launch System Configuration screen.After that, go to the Run dialog box and enter ‘msconfig.’Now, select OK.Navi…

How to Add or Delete Applications on Sony Android TV

Sony is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world of electronic devices. It provides many smart features to its users like picture quality, display resolution and also the screen size. It also provides Android functionality on its TV. It allows you to add or remove any of the apps. It offers various built-in applications for the users to avail of its services.

1. Adding or Removing Applications 
Installing or uninstalling one or many applications becomes very easy if you used such devices earlier and know the appropriate steps.
In case you are using a Sony TV and you wish to add or remove any of the applications, you may do so by a sequence of particular steps.
As your Sony TV is based on Android function and it works similarly as your Android device works. Follow these instructions to know about how to delete or add applications on your Sony Android TV through various steps:
2. Downloading Applications from Play Store
First of all, follow these guidelines to proceed furt…

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games currently as it lets players explore 3D effects, discovering and extracting raw materials, tools and structures depending on the game mode they are playing. It also packs various exciting features like wars and taking revenge etc.
Whenever a Zombie hits the villager, they turn into”Zombie Villager.”
Here is how to cure your “Zombie Villagers” so that they return to their previous form.

Using Golden Apple
You can use Golden Apple to cure the villagers attacked by Zombies. It can be found in the chests across the Minecraft. You may also craft it for the Zombie Villagers.
Follow these steps if you wish to cure “Zombie Villagers”:
Gathering bottles of your dragon’s breath
It’s the brewing liquid used for the brewing procedures of particular lingering potions. It can be collected in a glass bottle.
Combining “Splash Potion” 
You may add any of the dragon’s breath by merging all of them into the brewing stand to the particular splash.
Tipped Point of …

How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10

The HEIF or “High-Efficiency Image File Format” and HEVF “High-Efficiency Video Codec” specialization file or Video formats provide a better quality of images and video formats for Windows 10. The former deals with the picture quality over various older versions of file formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. It also works for the improvement of image file compression.

The second one deals with the betterment of the video qualities and it was Apple who started this initiative.
Activating HEIF Support
In case you don’t have the extension of the HEIF file, then your “Photos” application will offer a separate link for its access and take you to a particular page of Microsoft Store. This will provide this underpaid accessibility version, but numerous websites are providing a free and open version of the particular HEIF format.
Follow these instructions to install the HEIF: First of all, launch your “Web Browser.”After that, use the “HEVC extension” MS Store link.Now, hit the “Get” tab there.Next…

How to Fix Your Amazon Intercom Not Working

Echo devices are pretty versatile and capable of performing several tasks, and they have become even more accurate with the updates. Amazon Intercom is one of the smartest intercom systems for contacting other devices and the people in your device’s contact list. The device mostly works great, but sometimes it can show frequent issues and errors that can be disappointing. Read this article thoroughly, and then you will be able to troubleshoot Amazon Echo intercom whenever it acts up.

Solution 1: Speak Out Correct Device Name 
Before you troubleshoot the main issue, the first thing that you should ensure is that you are saying the correct terms and using the right command. Here is what you need to do in order to improve your Echo commands and speak out the correct device name: Make sure to name the Echo devices with an easy word or term and don’t use the tough words for naming your Echo smart devices.If you want to use the drop-in feature, then use this command: “Alexa, drop in on the (…