Top 5 Best Online Translator Websites of 2019

Want to discover the best translation website, which won’t mess up with your vocabulary and grammar? Today, we have got a lot of online translation websites and tools that can translate a language with a single click. But most of these websites are not successful in giving you a meaningful sentence.

Now, we are sharing some of the best online translation tools that will provide you a clean and meaningful line of content. So let’s get started.
1. Google Translate
This is arguably the best online translation tool of all time. Even in 2019, there is no other online translator, not even close, which can give you accurate results like it. Google Translate has about one hundred languages, and its vocabulary and grammar are better than any other translator that you will find online.
2. Yandex Translate
It is one of the most used online translators that can translate in 95 different languages. It is the only one who can be compared to the Google Translate, but it lacks in grammar and vocabular…

Top 5 Best USB TV Tuners of 2019

As we all know, a TV tuner is used to receive TV signals and TV channels. It can convert a PC into a TV and you can freely record your favorite TV shows, movies and other pieces of content. The recorded videos can be edited by software to remove ads and other unwanted content. In short, a TV tuner is a useful gadget to watch and record TV on a computer.

We have listed five best USB TV tuners of 2019 that you can buy. Let’s dive in.
1. Hauppauge 1191 WinTV-HVR-955Q
It is one of the most popular TV tuners of all time due to its reliable performance and handy price. This TV tuner offers many useful features such as recording and watching live TV with ease, and is compatible with any Windows PC, and others. Recording your favorite movies, serials, and other programs is just a click away. It comes with an additional antenna which can make the picture quality even better and should be used when the signals are low. The channels can also be watched in a separate window, which will allow you …

5 Best Photo Recovery Apps In 2019

Photos you keep in your smartphone’s space are good memories. With some apps, you can recover lost or missing photos from your phone. I have shortlisted the best recovery apps to make sure that your media files are recoverable, in case you lose them.

1. Dumpster
Dumpster is one of the best apps to recover media and files on your smartphone. Dumpster has more than 20 million users around the world. With the app, just effortlessly backup your media files, apps and many more in few taps on the screen. Dumpster restores accidentally deleted pictures effectively. It does not require any internet connection and no rooting of the device. Dumpster comes in 14 different languages, which makes it preferable worldwide.
2. DigDeep Image Recovery
DigDeep works as a recovery tool for media and files in your smartphone. Users can have this tool as an additional backup for the stuff in the phone. This tool searches your smartphone’s internal storage or SD card to recover deleted files and images immed…

How to Create Folders to Organize iPhone Apps

Have you  installed an array of apps on your iPhone? If yes, then it can be a time-taking task for you to access your iPhone apps. But, if you organize them in groups, then it can be much easier for you to access them.
Do you know that you can create folders and even label them on your iPhone? Today, we are going to help you to manage your iPhone apps in a proper manner. Let’s get started.

How to Make Folders And Manage Apps on Your iPhone?
Let’s learn about ‘what is the best way to create folders in an iPhone.’ Follow the below instructions carefully: In order to make folders on your iPhone, you will require a minimum of two apps to organize in a folder. So, decide which apps you are going to put into a folder.Slightly tap and hold an app until all apps on display start shivering (This process is very similar to which you use to re-arrange your apps).Now, you will have to drag this app to the other app that you want to organize in a folder.You can see that both apps now have merged in…

How to Fix iPad Can’t Connect to App Store

Without using the App Store, iPad users can’t download any application. But what if you face iPad can’t connect to App Store error? There are various solutions which you can try, and this article will explain all of them. So let’s get started.

Here’s How to Fix iPad Can’t Connect to App Store
• Go through the System Status
1.    You have to check System Status to fix this issue. 2.    Go to the Apple System Status screen. 3.    Most of the servers go down for a few minutes. 4.    It will take a few minutes to open the System Status page.
• Delete a Wi-Fi Network
1.    You have to remove a Wi-Fi network which you are currently using. 2.    After that, try to connect it again after a few seconds. 3.    Click on the Settings tab. 4.    Go to the WLAN option. 5.    Choose the Wi-Fi network by clicking on the exclamation symbol. 6.    Select the “Forget This Network” option. 7.    Wait for a few minutes before reconnecting it.
• Log Out and Log In Again
1.    For logging out, open the Setting…

How to Fix Excel Document Not Saved Error

Many users of MS Excel are reporting Excel document not saved error on their system. They are also facing this problem where documents are not saving at all after trying so many times. If you are one of them, then go through the instructions mentioned below to fix this issue.

Before we follow the methods to fix this issue, start saving the current Excel file on the system with the dummy file. This procedure will save the file contents and after that, move to the steps to fix this issue. Ensure that you’re already signed in to the admin account.
•    Go to the empty Excel file. •    Return to the Excel file which is showing “Excel document not saved” error. •    Click on the Control and C keys together. •    It will start copying all the contents of your Excel file. •    Go back to the Excel file, which is a dummy file. •    Press on the upper left-hand side of the cell. •    Click on the Control and V keys together. •    It will start copying all the contents. •    Press on the File …

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

Facebook sends a notification to your friends about your birthday by default. There are many good reasons to turn off the birthday notification on Facebook. Whatever the reason is, but you can hide your birthday on Facebook by following the instructions given below.

Steps to Hide Your Birthday Notifications on Desktop
•    Press on the name located at the upper side of the Facebook webpage. •    Otherwise, enter the name on the right-hand side of the search box. •    Press on the About option located under the profile photo. •    By going to the About column, press on the Contact and Basic Info option. •    Go down to the Basic Information. •    Press on the Edit option which is showing while moving the mouse cover above the Birth Date. •    After pressing on the Edit option, press on the group symbol. •    This symbol resembles a  three people silhouette. •    It will open the privacy window; there you can choose to whom you wish to show your birthday. Also, to whom you want to share…