7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing

In the realm full of inbound marketing, combining tactics procures marketers with tremendous leverage. Regardless, combining tactics can be really difficult because individual marketing tactics sometimes exist in silos with some alliance. This is true especially when you talk about combining search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Search engine optimization is a strong source of traffic and is very crucial for every website. And email marketing is the main lead generation channel for many companies. We know that both of these tools work great individually. However, they feel some thrilling amplification when integrated. Here are a few ways we can combine SEO and Email Marketing to generate more leads.
1. Distribute Link Building Content Through Email
Indeed, email is mainly about lead generation. But search engine traffic can also deliver a constant flow of quality leads over time. Several companies still have email marketing as their biggest channel for marketing reach.

14 Things Rachel Berry Did That Proves She Just Wasn’t A Good Person

The very famous character of the show ‘Glee’, Rachel Berry is quite a favorite of all those who watch the show. But there are some things she did which made viewers turn a bit against her. So let’s talk about  14 things Rachel Berry did that proves she wasn’t just a good person.

1. In a scene, Rachel Berry charged the former Glee club director of inappropriately touching a student, which he did, because the director did not choose her a solo she wanted and she thought she deserved. Though the former glee club director touched a student inappropriately, that is not what she told the principal. 2. In an episode, she did not support Artie to sing the lead in “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” in the pilot just because he was a wheelchair user. She was not compassionate towards disabled people and did not treat them equally. 3. At times she was so selfish and egoistic that she left the Glee club because Mr. Schuester gave the West Side Story solo to Tina instead of her. She was dominati…

Pop Smoke Has Left Us With the Most Special Debut Album

The sudden demise of Pop  Smoke is a massive loss to the UK and the US music industry, and many fans like Malluchi Boateng fell in love with his incredible songs in music albums. Now, the posthumous album of Pop Smoke has been released.
The posthumous album of Pop Smoke, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, was set initially to be released on June 12, 2020. But, it has now been released on July 3, 2020. Malluchi, in an interview with Newsbeat, said that the released album is incredible. He expressed his desire to play this amazing album even to his children in the future. Malluchi felt the songs in the debut album are excellent and enjoyable. It is worth mentioning that Bashar Barakah aka Pop Smoke was killed after being shot twice in a robbery attempt at his home in February this year.

Pop Smoke Was Destined for Great Things
Malluchi further said that Pop Smoke had achieved great success in only fourteen months of his career. While comparing his career graph to other artists, he sai…

Fairy Tale RPG Releases the Trailer for Special Costumes of the Digital Deluxe Edition

The Fairy Tail of RPG created by Koei Tecmo and GUST has some new surprises for you. Fairy Tail is an anime action RPG that will remind you of various popular story arcs from the manga or anime series, like the Tenrou Island, Grand Magic Games, and Tartaros arcs. The creators worked the game with author Hiro Mashima to make sure that the game felt true to Fairy Tail. The game features the real characters of the Fairy Tail anime story and it is about the Kingdom of Fiore where intense battles are fought after the traditional turn formula. The players here accept missions and requests, which slowly raises their guild’s renown to new heights through a lettered ranking system. As they keep earning more money from missions, they will be able to use it to upgrade their guild’s exterior, like adding a magic shop or a better quest board. To make the game fascinating, the developers made some additions in the game which allows the players to dress the characters in several ways. Now, a  brand…

Story of the Weird Cult-Favorite Deadly Premonition Earning a Sequel

Launched in 2010, Deadly Premonition soon became everyone’s favorite and one of the most divisive new video games. And now in 2020, this cult favorite has released a sequel which is named as Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise. When Grand Theft Auto 3 became famous in 2001, everyone started developing open-world games. While some studios became successful in their attempt, like Volition with Saint’s Row, others were slammed and flushed by the public, like True Crime: New York City. Similarly, the Japanese studio Access Games who made Deadly Premonition, stood out because nobody else thought of making a free-roaming adventure quite like them.

Access was founded as a graphics company, but it later came to game development with 2003’s Spy Fiction, which was driven by designer Hidetaka SWERY Suehiro. SWERY later started working on an action game inspired by The X-Files called Rainy Woods, for PlayStation 2. At that time the game got canceled, but later in 2010, it came out as De…

How to Disable Protected View on Microsoft Word?

Microsoft engages various features in its Office suite and most of the useful rest in Microsoft Word. MS Word launches documents that are downloaded and installed from web browsers in Protected View by disabling the macros and other contents.
If you expand a Word file via the internet, it will be displayed on the screen in protected view mode, which means you can’t make any changes to the file for security purposes unless you disable the “protected view” mode. Turning off Protected View makes you enable us to edit the document partly or whole. The Internet is a huge source of malicious content and harmful viruses that might harm your data and device too. To avoid these suspicious and unsafe sources, MS Word opens the file in Protected View, and thus you will be able to see the contents of the file seamlessly with reduced virus hazards.

What is Protected View?
It’s the read-only mode provided to access the MS Office docs installed on the device from the internet, hazardous and unsafe s…

DisplayPort vs HDMI: The Best One for Gaming & TV

The comparison between DisplayPort and HDMI is based on technical terms. It may be irrelevant for the people who are not so aware of online gaming, but people spending thousands of dollars on getting gaming hardware will find it useful.
The video game players and enthusiasts of television display may find themselves puzzled about choosing the digital interfaces between HDMI or DisplayPort. Since gaming includes many other things also and so it becomes tough to answer this question.

HDMI and DisplayPort are the standard cables when it comes to connecting devices to monitors or television. These connection devices have traveled almost fifteen years of the journey while replacing the standard cables like AV. The users of RGB and the first Sony PlayStation are very aware of the AV cables, which came in red, white, and yellow. Each DisplayPort and HDMI have high bandwidths audio and HD signals. Both connecting devices do not split data into multiple ports and move it between ports frequent…